Gabriel Balan


Gabriel is the CEO and co-founder of rEVOLUTION Media Company, a full-service Online Marketing agency that works with clients from all over Romania and abroad.

He started his activity online with the emergence of the first Social Media platforms, during which time he grew the community around his personal brand.

Gabriel’s areas of interest are entrepreneurship and personal development, being a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and young generations.

He studied at an economic college and attended a university with a specialization in finance because he wanted to learn more and more about economics and financial instruments.

Unfortunately, neither the school nor the university provided him with real knowledge and only taught him about the rules and tools needed to work in a banking/ accounting institution.

So Gabriel continued to build small streams of income through entrepreneurship and developed his knowledge through informal methods.

He has lived and studied for many years in countries such as Germany and Italy, and now currently lives and works mainly in Bucharest, Romania.

At the same time, he helps other entrepreneurs and self-development enthusiasts follow the same path and achieve their maximum potential.

Our mission is to create a unique education path for kids by combining technology, blockchain and decentralization.


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